Joram Roukes, ”Jocky Picnic”, 2014, Oil on linen, Framed (dimensions are of artwork only) 120 x 72”, 305 x 183 cm, posted with permission of Thinkspace Gallery.
Exhibition, Joram Roukes: Paramnesia at Thinkspace Gallery, Culver City, California, July 19, 2014 - August 9, 2014


Wrapped in Sage - Malcolm T. Liepke



Apollonia Saintclair 512 - 20140722 La noyade (The drowning)

Anonymous: wait wait wait? you're single? wtf happened?????? i thought you were like super happy with jess?

Still happy. Nothing happened other than our decision to be friends instead of girlfriends.



gingerly16: If you are as rad as your blog, I'd like to get to know you c: (It's okay if you are not though. I'd like to chat anyway if that is alright..!)

I’m a little less cool than my blog. :)

fakeslutsandsmiles: holla for a dolla my friend

Sup girl

Anonymous: Yr hot xx

You are.

Nothing says I have the day off more than a posed selfie. This is ridiculous but oh well.


Michael Reedy ~ "Expulsion"


Frida Kahlo (1907.07.06-1954.07.13)

Anonymous: ur face tho. R u single?

I know… It’s crazy. Yup I am.