Drunk face

Anonymous: Have you heard of Broods, Sylvan Esso, or Banks?

Broods, yes. The other two, no.  Fantastic suggestions.

Anonymous: Are you listening to any kind of music right now? How are you feeling? Are you OK?

Right now I am listening to nothing… but the music of the evening was widespread. La Roux, Warpaint, Phantogram, Tove Lo, and then a bunch of trap music remixes which created a dancing frenzy.  I am feeling some kind of way, not sure.  I am mostly ok!

warholnerd said: So tell us about your life. What do you do?

I am a Graphic Designer… well that’s what I went to school for at least, and I do it on the side.  Working on an organic farm is what’s currently paying the bills.

Anonymous: What would you like to talk about?

Anything please

Is there anyone who wants to talk?